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Insights for Search provides an up-to-date view of what people are searching for around the world. You can compare search volume patterns by multiple keywords, across specific regions, categories, and time-frames.

Identify emerging trends:
See what your customers are searching for and be prepared for any new behaviours or seasonal search trends.

Anticipate demand:
Anticipate demand based on historical search trends for your client’s industry so you can budget and plan accordingly.

Geographic distribution:
Know where to find paying customers. See how search volume is distributed across regions and cities.How to... interpret search trends

Here are four ways that we can give you insight to your business

 1 How am I doing compared to my competitors?
Competitive comparison – Using a brand or product name, you can compare your business with top competitors.

2 Are there seasonal trends that I should be aware of?
Seasonality by product category – Identify seasonal trends and develop budget recommendations in preparation for an increase in search traffic. Use ‘digital cameras’ with the date range ‘2004 – now’ to see when search volume is highest for digital cameras.

3 Where are my users coming from?
Geographic comparison – Look at trends by geographic region to determine which regions are more likely to search for a product. Take advantage of this by amending targeting or budgets based on the results.

4 Are users looking for branded keywords or generic product terms?
Consumer preferences (top related searches, top rising searches) – What specifically are users searching for? Enter the search query ‘cameras’ and see the top related searches and top rising searches for this product.